Worldwide Presence Keeps Us Close to Our Customers Worldwide Presence Keeps Us Close to Our Customers #%SPLIT%#

TWS supplies a comprehensive range of rechargeable energy solutions to global industry leaders, Fortune 100 leaders, as well as top five market leaders in a variety of industries:
- mobile communications and computing
- automotive
- medical
- IT and telecommunication infrastructure
- power energy storage
- renewable energy and industrial battery applications

TWS operates on a 'glocal' scale and also contribute innovative solutions to the planet's environmental problems.

The Lithium-ion Battery Expert

As demand for consumer and industrial battery products increases TWS will continue to lead with innovative ideas and unique applications. TWS serves three primary categories: 1) High Power Systems; 2) Transportable Power; 3) Smart and Intelligent Batteries. TWS has the capability to deliver the best designed and highest quality products in the industry at any quantity.

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